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Let’s Talk About Whip-it’s.

This is pretty blunt and forward about something I do. I’m trying to figure out if I care about posting it or not.

I don’t.

I used to to whip-it’s a lot. (Nitrous Oxide) They’re pretty cool. I became friends with people who did them. It was a cool summer. I basically grew out of doing them, and grew apart from those friends.

The sensation is pretty mild. You may experience a tingling tickle from head to toe, otherwise you just feel a euphoric, relaxing feeling. It only last for about 30 seconds to a minute. I wouldn’t describe it as a high, but more a passing feeling. Since the sensation is so short and quite pleasant, people can become addicted to the momentary euphoria that it brings.

It’s not that sick. I think you’re a dumbass, if you really get addicted. I’m kinda rude and bitchy, towards anything that people get addicted to.

I have no understanding whatsoever for addiction, but that can be a whole other post.

Anyway, Friday night, I experienced the most fantastic whip-it of my life. OH, I’ve unfortunately found a new friend circle, whom enjoy nitrous. Unfortunate, I know. I still REALLY limit the amount I do, and cannot fathom the idea of actually buying a box…but eh.

OKAY. Anyway, anyway. I completely thought I was in Mario Kart! It was fucking fantastic. I sprinted forward, thinking I was in the game! The whip-it’s I’ve done have always been in the comfort of a living room couch, so the rave nitrous experience is a whole new one world. I’m pretty down, but very over it. It can be a mild hallucinogen, and you need to be smack ass wasted for that to happen. It was fun.

I knocked myself over, and now I have a bruise on my hip.


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